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Dark Choco Peanut Butter Cups

It is soo yummy

Amazing one, taste was amazing

Pips nut butter cups

We loved the packaging and marketing, and the idea - three types of nut butter cups! Also liked the fact that it’s much less sweet than Reese for example. But… the quality of the chocolate could be much better. This tastes a chocolate compound rather than real chocolate.


These are the best treats. You just can't stop at one.

Pretty delicious

Got the cashew and peanut cups. I must say i enjoyed them both. Although i wish the packaging can be more streamlined. It feels too clunky.

Love it!

Enjoyed the Almond Butter Cups

Very pleased

My order arrived very quickly, in good condition. The box design is very nice and the cups are delicious! The peanut cups are my favourite but this is my first time having a chocolate almond or cashew cup and I was pleasantly surprised. My family and I tried all three nut fillings with both dark and milk chocolate and we enjoyed them all! The winner for my family was the milk chocolate peanut butter cups. Would recommend! I will definitely be ordering more in the future!

Peanut Butter Cups Bundle Pack ( Pack of 12 )

Dark chocolate and the nut butter filling is too sweet

Hi please reduce the sugar content in the chocolate

Good enough but has a long way to go

I think you should stick to the peanut butter cups and work on them to make them even better. The cashew and almond cups, both lack in terms of flavour (as in all I can taste is the chocolate) and texture. You might try using better quality chocolate as well because the one you use now is slightly waxy and seems unpalatable after 2 cups. Lastly, you might want to try lowering the sodium content as well because it really hits you in the face instead of enhancing the actual flavour of your product.

The best ever Butter Cups!

I am a repeat customer of Pip's. Their butter cups are simply out of the world. The quality of chocolate they use is very superior and its taste is the proof for it. They are out here giving serious competition to other big brands. I won't hesitate to say that they are by far the best chocolates I have eaten by an Indian brand. They also make for a great gift to give someone cause they last longer and are affordable compared to Indian sweets. Keep up the good work, Team Pip's! I'll keep cheering for you.

Very good peanut butter cups, with good quality chocolate used and cute packaging. Highlight recommend if you like reese's!

Too much chocolate...

Too much chocolate not enough filling. Chocolate too sweet.

Milk Choco Assorted Nut Butter Cups ( Pack of 12 )

Dopamine Disks Delightfully Delivered

These Peanut Butter cups are fresh and full-sized treats. They are just delicious.

Soo delicious 🤤


Very good quality, and amazing taste

huge fan

i was skeptical before ordering these but man i am blown away by their taste. the quality of product is awesome. after tasting them i no longer buy reese's cups coz these are wqy better than those

Starter Pack - Milk & Dark Choco Assorted Nut Butter Cups ( Pack of 6 )

Nice snack

Can be made less salty and less sweet.
Cashew butter goes rancid pretty quick.
Keep product refrigerated

Milk Chocolate Assorted Nut Butter Cups

Milk Chocolate Assorted Nut Butter Cups
Abhas Gupta
Good Taste, Terrible Packaging

The chocolate tastes great, but the fillings in all 3 products was a bit salty. Increasing the proportion of chocolate would make it better. The worst part was the packaging, as all the cups had melted when they reached me, and their shape got completely destroyed. They became uneven and messy slabs. Overall experience was that that it gave very less value for money.

Very Wholesome

This was something new for me, my taste buds were surprised with a bomb of chocolate and nut butter. The combination of chocolate and nut butter is awesome, absolutely yummy 😋..

The product grew on me and my family and we enjoyed it but would appreciate less packaging material used and the option to buy lesser quantities to try. Had asked for milk chocolate and dark chocolate both but received only the Milk chocolate one.

Best Nut Butter Cups

These are one of the best products I have tasted in the recent times. I highly recommend to try out once.

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