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huge fan

i was skeptical before ordering these but man i am blown away by their taste. the quality of product is awesome. after tasting them i no longer buy reese's cups coz these are wqy better than those

Starter Pack - Milk & Dark Choco Assorted Nut Butter Cups ( Pack of 6 )

Nice snack

Can be made less salty and less sweet.
Cashew butter goes rancid pretty quick.
Keep product refrigerated

Milk Chocolate Assorted Nut Butter Cups

Milk Chocolate Assorted Nut Butter Cups
Abhas Gupta
Good Taste, Terrible Packaging

The chocolate tastes great, but the fillings in all 3 products was a bit salty. Increasing the proportion of chocolate would make it better. The worst part was the packaging, as all the cups had melted when they reached me, and their shape got completely destroyed. They became uneven and messy slabs. Overall experience was that that it gave very less value for money.

Very Wholesome

This was something new for me, my taste buds were surprised with a bomb of chocolate and nut butter. The combination of chocolate and nut butter is awesome, absolutely yummy 😋..

The product grew on me and my family and we enjoyed it but would appreciate less packaging material used and the option to buy lesser quantities to try. Had asked for milk chocolate and dark chocolate both but received only the Milk chocolate one.

Best Nut Butter Cups

These are one of the best products I have tasted in the recent times. I highly recommend to try out once.

Nice product

The peanut butter hits the throat, could be mellowed down a little. And you guys need to bring down the price to lowball R*****'s cups. Impressed with the outer chocolate though.

Starter Pack - Milk & Dark Choco Assorted Nut Butter Cups ( Pack of 6 )

Excellent flavour

Loved the way I received the product in perfect condition...loved the chocolates too

Pips is love!

Pips is amazingggg! Just the besst. The flavours were too good and the packing! Loved it! Definitely looking forward to ordering more from you guys!

My kids totally love your cups

Your nut butter make the candy wholesome and tasty. The quality of the chocolate and the nutter make it a heavenly pair. Thank you.

Excellent alternative to Reese's Peanut Buttercups!

As a vegan, it was a joy to eat these since I was once a huge fan of Reese's Peanut Buttercups. Pip's dark choco peanut butter cups are delicious! I will of course try the other flavors in dark chocolate. Good job, guys!

Its yummm 😋

Amazingly deep flavor, totally magical and delicious! Its yumm and Very rich dark chocolate taste

My new weakness

I ate 15 packets of almond butter cups in 2 weeks, yes you could say i like them.

So good!

It’s so great to find an Indian counterpart for peanut butter cups, the dark chocolate is an added advantage, perfect size to curb an almost guilt free dessert craving!

Enjoyed the chocolates

Hi, I ordered the assorted pack and my entire family loved it. It is one of the few chocolates that everyone enjoyed.

The dark chocolate quality is great!

Thank you Pips for an amazing second version of the peanut butter cups! The dark chocolate quality is great! The lingering slight saltiness is perfect..the texture is much better than last time's and so is the packaging! Thank you for the double delivery together...we all loved the creaminess of the chocolate paired with peanuts without the dosage of extra flavours..


Absolute fun, loved every bite of the cup.

Possibly one of the best confections I’ve ever tasted.

I just received, and already consumed, my pack comprising of all the flavours.
Possibly one of the best confections I’ve ever tasted. The packaging is brilliant too.
Only one grouse, and that’s the cost to quantity ratio. If the price can be reduced, it would be a great deal.

Really liked it!

I was just glad I found an Indian company making peanut butter cups and more protein, less sugar version compared to the mass produced US counterpart. Product was great in terms of taste.

I Lov'em!

Think it’s the best snack for me currently. The taste is so indulging 🤤

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