We’re now PIP'S

Introducing “Better Food” for a “Better World”

Our story began in 2016 in a 200 square feet garage in the middle of nowhere. With only one desk and next to no free time, Timla Foods was born. Our passion for unique food and collaboration brought our mission and products, to life.

Our intent was to transform the food space and make it easier for everyone to eat well. Eating well means eating food that nourishes our bodies and helps in longevity. Eating food that tastes exceptionally good and is accessible to everyone.

We’ve taken on that responsibility as a team and organisation, and we wanted to last for 100 years. Hence TIMLA { “This Is My Last Adventure” }

How did we start? We choose plants.

Of the many species of plants that are available, we choose ‘ONE’ { The Corn }. The most admired but underdog category in India. Which saw no innovation for the last 50 years yet 95% of the country's population has been consuming it in many forms for years.

We’ve built a movement with a thought seeded “One Step, One Plant ” and to perfect it over the years. We made this simplest underdog food category, popcorn, the most flavourful, delicious, and presented to you in the cleanest and convenient form as “PopiCorn”. We've sold over 80 million units of them from then. Thank you for the love you all have showered on us.

Perfecting it had its own share of success in learnings about taking risks and being an entrepreneur. The setbacks made us stronger, resilient & hopeful. After each success & loss, we’ve only dreamt bigger and planned better.

Here’s where we are today. We are taking the next step towards our mission

“To Fix the world via food. Bringing delicious, healthier, and more affordable food for everyone, everywhere.”

We are calling it the PIP’S way.

noun: pip; plural noun: pips
 - a small hard seed in a fruit.

The PIP’S way.

It starts with the choices. We choose plants to make it better for you. We believe food should be Right for our bodies & for the world. Should be Affordable. “It should be unthinkably, mouthwateringly Delicious”. And it should be Fun to eat.

Starting with one plant, over the last 4 years, we’ve got better on with over 25 plant species that are inherently good for you & nutritious. We make them delicious and fun to eat.

To identify more plants that will help us achieve our mission in our lifetime, we are building a platform to explore them faster, look even closer, and track them at every stage.

It's been 4 years in the making, and we have a long way to go.

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Thank you for coming all the way.

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